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Heating Services

A Comfortable Climate Services and Repairs all makes and models of heating systems including: Gas Furnaces, Heat Pumps & Mini Split Heat Pumps

Furnace Repair & Safety Tune Up


Heating Repair

A Comfortable Climate provides a wide range of Indianapolis heating repair services for commercial and residential real estate. We have been providing Hoosiers with superior and affordable heating repair for more than 20 years as a family-owned and operated business. You can be sure you are receiving reliable and proficient furnace repair at the most economical price around. Our highly trained and licensed HVAC contractors provide a wide range of repair services for various heating appliances for residential and commercial properties. We repair and service all make and model heating systems, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and more. Refer to our list of services at the bottom of the page for more information about our heating repair options. Give us a call at (317) 257-4328 for licensed heating repair in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties.

Heating Service

Our friendly and professional HVAC technicians practice limitless integrity and respect for all clients. They never use confusing or misleading industry slang that is difficult for our clientele to understand. Before moving forward, we ensure that our customers are 100% informed of the services, diagnosis, costs, practices, and agreements that are involved in a heating repair or service project. We are licensed and trained to provide a long list of heating services; from unit cleaning and routine maintenance to boilers, heat pumps, water heaters, and much more. Our highly trained and qualified AC repair technicians offer furnace cleaning, inspections, parts replacement, diagnostics, and more. There is no limit to the services we provide for heating systems and furnaces in Indianapolis, IN. Contact us today for more information about heating service and repair you can trust.

Furnaces, Heat Pumps & Mini Splits

Although seasons are regularly changing, it is never too soon or too late to service your furnace system! Here at A Comfortable Climate, our licensed heating and cooling technicians can quickly improve your heating unit’s reliability, performance, and efficiency with professional maintenance, regular cleaning, and needed repairs. We provide residential and commercial heating repair services for all make and model furnace systems; including gas furnaces, electric heaters, central heating systems, boilers, heat pumps, water heaters, and more. Whether you own private or commercial real estate, routine heating service and inspections are always highly encouraged by hundreds of trusted professionals in the industry. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the value of a dollar; this means we offer the most affordable and reasonable furnace repair prices in town! Contact us today at (317) 257-4328 to get Indianapolis furnace repair services and inspections for commercial or residential properties in Indiana.


Heating Repairs and Services We Provide

  •  Furnace Repair
  •  Heat Pump Repair
  •  Boiler Repair
  •  Water Heaters
  •  Gas Furnaces
  •  Electric Furnaces
  •  Installations
  •  Repair
  •  Inspections
  •  Replacements
  •  Cleaning
  •  Compressors
  •  Condensing Fan Motors
  •  Outdoor Units
  •  Window Units
  •  Coils
  •  Residential Service
  •  Light Commercial Service
  •  Maintenance Work
  •  Products
  •  Routine Maintenance
  •  Appliance Cleaning
  •  Written Estimates
  •  Unit Sales
  •  Financing
  •  And More

Heating Installation

A Comfortable Climate Installs industry leading heating systems including: Armstrong Air Gas Furnaces, Armstrong Air Heat Pumps & Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pumps

Don’t worry about purchasing, replacing, and installing a new heating system in your home or office. Just call A Comfortable Climate for all your heating installation and replacement needs! We are highly trained and licensed to provide installation services for all makes and models of heaters, furnaces, boilers, water heaters, heat pumps, and more! We can service, install, and repair gas furnaces, electric furnaces, outdoor condenser units, and all other types of heating appliances and products. As a family owned and operated business, you can rest assure you are receiving the most competitive and affordable prices on furnace installation and heating installation service. If you choose to purchase a new furnace or other heating appliance from a separate provider, we can install it for you at a cheaper cost! Call us today at (317) 257-4328 for information about our heating installation services in Indianapolis, IN.

High Efficiency Furnace Maintenance, Repair & Installation

We make owning a new furnace easy in terms of affordability and maintenance. We have many discounts, specials and rebates that are offered to all of our customers. The benefits with our furnace installations are so numerous that you will be counting them for months to come.

As soon as your new furnace arrives, our friendly technicians will install it with their skilled techniques right in your home. Surrounding areas will not be disturbed and the job site will be thoroughly cleaned afterwards. We respect your home as if it was our own and take every job very seriously.

As one of the best companies for furnace installation in Indianapolis, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We understand manufacturer's warranties do not cover certain items like duct work repairs, labor, and other equipment costs, which is why we help cover these costs for you.

The A Comfy Climate Furnace inspection checklist:

  • Check flue system for safety & carbon monoxide leaks
  • Check return & air filter
  • Lubricate motors and bearing as necessary
  • Check all parts for visible wear & tear
  • Check gas train and all electrical components / connections for safety
  • Test thermostat operation
  • Clean and check heat pump assembly if necessary
  • Check proper burner ignition and efficiency
  • Confirm complete system operation and safety

Furnace Cleaning

Is your furnace not producing enough heat? Are you tired of paying extremely high energy bills? Is your furnace failing to keep up with the harsh winter weather of Indianapolis? If you answered yes then you are in desperate need of a tune-up from A Comfortable Climate. This is an affordable annual service that has many benefits for your furnace and your pocketbook. This is what a furnace cleaning can do for your home:

  • Save Money & Energy
  • Increase Comfort
  • Prevent Breakdowns
  • Increase Lifespan

Furnace Repair

Before the cold winter months in Indianapolis are upon us, it's a good time to get your furnace inspected or repaired by one of A Comfortable Climate's professional repair technicians.

A Comfortable Climate has established itself as the premier furnace repair specialist of the greater Indianapolis area, and you can take advantage of our affordable furnace repair services around the clock! Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose A Comfy Climate for your furnace repairs:

  • Family Owned HVAC Contractors
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • 24 Hour Service
  • We Service Your Area
  • Around the Clock Customer Service
  • Affordable Repairs
  • All Makes and Models
  • Superior Service

Stay Warm All Winter

 A Comfortable Climate services and repairs all makes and models of gas furnaces.

 We install our featured & industry leading furnaces from Armstrong Air

 We service and repair all makes and models of heat pumps, ducted and ductless.

 We install our featured & industry leading heat pumps from Armstrong Air and ductless heat pumps from Mitsubishi.

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